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Camarillo Chiropractor Elite Therapy tableElite Therapy Table: This table is designed for patient comfort and safety. It is wider than traditional chiropractic or therapy tables thus allowing patients in pain to maneuver easily and safely; especially important for the new patient’s first exam.  It adjusts in height, again allowing a patient to get on and off it more easily and it is ideal for range of motion exercises or mobilization of the extremities, such as with shoulder or knee injuries.

Camarillo Chiropractor Flexion/Distraction TableFlexion/Distraction Table: This table is especially designed for treating patients with low back disc injuries and sciatica. The lower end of the table elongates to allow gentle traction or "decompression" of the low back thus reducing the pressure of a lumbar disc bulge on a nerve, (commonly referred to as "a pinched nerve.") A gentle flexion motion is performed for decompression of the disc, restoration of normal motion of the low back, reducing swelling and muscle spasm.

Hi-Lo Table at Camarillo Chiropractor Dr. HoodHi-Lo Table: This table is designed to stand upright, allowing a patient to simply stand on the foot platform, lean slightly forward, and the table is then lowered to a horizontal position.

Hi-Lo Table at Camarillo Chiropractor Dr. HoodA hi-lo table is ideal for the patient in severe pain or one who is too stiff to be able to “climb” onto a traditional flat chiropractic or physical therapy table.

It is also a favorite among pregnant women because, as you can see to the right, the abdominal portion can be adjusted to allow a pregnant woman to easily and comfortably lie face down for massage and treatment of her low back pain.


-Electric muscle stimulation or “e stim”: Often applied to the muscles of the back along with moist heat, this alternating muscle contraction simulates a “pumping” mechanism that reduces muscle spasms, pain and trigger points. It also encourages circulation in the area to promote healing of soft tissue.

-Ultrasound Therapy provides penetrating warmth and stimulates circulation of blood, lymph, and synovial (joint) fluids to promote healing and reduce pain and swelling. It is a favorite physical therapy modality among patients with chronic shoulder or knee pain. 

-Soft Tissue Therapies are ideal when treating "chronic" or "old" injuries that cause stiffness or reduced mobility due to scar tissue or adhesions. Soft tissue therapies are also highly effective in treating new injuries (especially in the athlete) so they heal properly without becoming “chronic/old” injuries, by assisting the repair of muscles, tendons, and ligaments along the normal pattern of joint movement. This is also beneficial in improving athletic performance by increasing range of motion so critical to the “backswing” and “follow-through.”

-Exercise Therapy: Dr. Hood will show you how to be proactive in the healing of your body through strengthening. You will receive detailed, personalized instructions on how to exercise both in and out of the chiropractic office. Exercises are tailored to fit your individual needs and goals.



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