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I visited Dr Hood for a shoulder injury after I had a mountain biking accident.  I remember not being able to lift my arm to do simple things like brush my hair.  After one visit, I began to regain my range of motion and strength.  Since I work full time in Thousand Oaks it was difficult to sustain two visits per week to steadily improve my condition.  Dr Hood was very flexible by adjusting her hours to treat me during evenings and on weekends to accommodate my work schedule.  This allowed me to maintain consistent improvement and eventually completely heal my shoulder...all without surgery and while still working full time.  She's the best!

-Jan Meier


After a car accident last year, my back, neck and shoulders were always tight and stiff. I went to a chiropractor regularly, but didn’t feel like I was getting any better. I visited Dr. Hood for the first time almost a year after the accident, and after 5 minutes on her table, I felt better than I had the whole year! I will be driving the extra distance to see her from now on!

-Andrea Roberts

I am a CPA and spend way too many hours on the computer. I am also a teacher and have to stand for long periods of time. I started having neck pain and pain in my left arm that I was kind of ignoring. Things got worse so I went to see Dr. Hood for a series of visits. Within two treatments the pain had subsided. I felt much better. By the fourth treatment it was gone and I was able to go back to my schedule. Dr. Hood also taught me some exercises I can do  to prevent the pain from coming back. She really cares about what she does long term. 

 -Maria Hernandez-Alamin

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the treatment I have received over the past several years from Dr. Hood. She has significantly increased my flexibility and upper body rotation such that my golf game has really improved. Ten to fifteen yards more on my drives and increased stamina. After about twelve or so holes I used to develop significant lower back pain and had difficulty finishing the round. This no longer is the case. My general physical well being has improved to the level that I now am able to enjoy working in my yard and rose garden. I highly recommend having Dr. Hood treat your health issues so you may enjoy your pursuits.

-Bill Oppelt

Working with Dr. Hood on my vague midlife (age 55) goal of getting fit was an exhilarating experience! In just over 110 days, my weight fell from 156 lbs to 132 lbs, and clothing size from 10 to 4. If this sounds radical, that only describes the results, because I never felt deprived. I learned about modifications to optimize metabolism/fat-burning, and the exercises were geared to very efficiently sculpt to achieve a trim, healthy look. A year later, I STILL get compliments, and feel great about myself. What a gift.

-Karen B. Hall

My son had two ribs that occasionally popped out of his spinal cord due to an ice hockey injury.  We were initially referred to Dr Hood by a friend when we needed an emergency appointment due to his regular doctor being out of town.  Dr Hood saw him on a Friday morning to get him out of immediate discomfort.  She advised us on how he would feel over the next few days and suggested that he might need to return again several times before he was able to feel well on a sustained basis.  Dr Hood also understood that he had another hockey game that weekend and told us to get in touch with her immediately if he needed another adjustment afterwards.  Each time she worked her magic on him he was out of immediate pain.  We really appreciated that she was able to pinpoint the problem and quickly address it, keep him active in sports, and give us tips on how to treat this between visits so he eventually healed.  Anyone who has children can appreciate what a relief it is to find someone who can relieve your child's pain and flex to your busy schedule.  My son never missed a game or practice.  Dr Hood understands athletes and figures out how to work around their schedules to ensure a successful outcome.  We were extremely pleased with the results of her chiropractic care.

-Bill Meier

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